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Donate Water

Donate Water

Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank is in dire need of water. With temperatures nearing record highs daily, the need for water has never been greater! …



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Our Partners

Our Partners

Success always centers around the people you surround yourself with. The success of our events would not be possible without the supporters of…

Our Recipients

These are our three primary charities we help with your donations of water, food and toys. Want to learn more about how they support our community? Well take a look!

Banner Children’s at Desert Hospital
Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank
Chandler Fire Health & Medical

Our Charities Thank You!

Thank you for your incredible donation of toys for our children. Your generosity made a big difference for all the children throughout the year and during this holiday season.

Julie Anich, BA - Banner Children's at Desert Hospital

A big Thank You to all the Rockin’ for Kids supporters for showing your commitment to our community with your generous water and food donations!

Jan Terhune - Executive Director, Mathew's Crossing

Our Associate Partners

Our Associate Partners

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